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Professional Communication
With a detailed+ 2018-02-27 Last year, the number of patent applications and empowerment in China was first in the world
With a detailed+ 2017-08-06 USTR Puts IP Focus In Digital Trade In NAFTA Renegotiation Objectives
With a detailed+ 2017-06-14 US Supreme Court to rule on legality of patent review system
With a detailed+ 2017-05-25 Thunder Power to join electric car race in China
With a detailed+ 2017-05-04 Qualcomm reportedly asks ITC to ban US iPhone imports
With a detailed+ 2017-04-06 Chinese court orders Samsung to pay Huawei $11.6 million in patent case
With a detailed+ 2017-02-11 New Sony Playstation VR patent outlines HTC Vive-like tech
With a detailed+ 2017-02-03 EPO grants record number of European patents in 2016
With a detailed+ 2017-01-05 Meizu Qualcomm signed a global patent licensing agreement