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About IPFuTure
Advantages of CompanyBusiness advantages
Advantages in industry

    “It is impossible to provide good IP service without deep understanding the industry!”

     This is basic service attitude that IPFuTure has always been upholding. Since foundation, IPFuTure team has been keeping its focus on information communication, mobile internet, power electronics, rail transit and other fields; our team has been long tracking the industry developments in corresponding fields, looking into IP activity routines in therein, analyzing clients’ positioning and business models in industrial chain. Through in-depth cooperation with clients, our team effectively integrates IP into R & D, production, sales and other links of business operation, solving problems at IP level.

Advantages in team

    IPFuTure partners have been heads of IP department of large enterprises, public institutions in electronics, information or communications for long. They have comprehensive and profound understanding of enterprise IP management. Professional consultants engaged in IP consulting services have rich experience in IP management or agency practice, and have profound technical accumulation in the fields they serve at the same time.

    We believe, only a learning team can provide high-quality service to clients in the IP field. We set up internal training plan and research topics every year, including three major aspects of industry technology, IP, and project management. Through lectures, group study, project practice and other forms of learning, we enhance the professional ability of consulting team and guide professional consultants to achieve cross positioning, namely dual positioning in the industry and IP professional services. It is also because of long-term endeavor in certain industries that IPFuTure’s IP consultants continuously improve their professional understanding and ability of related industries, keeping at the industry-leading level.

    At present, IPFuTure has more than 40 full-time professional consultants in information communication, mobile internet, power electronics and rail transit with an average IP service period of 8 years.

Advantages in management

    IP consulting service is different from traditional agency services, and scientific project management is important guarantee for smooth implementation of projects. As a forerunner in IP consulting industry, IPFuTure has accumulated rich experience in project organization, time management, quality management, document management, project communication and other aspects through abundant practice in consulting service projects; and has also customized and developed a project-based whole work flow management platform.