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Patent investigation in specific product or technique

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Patent investigation in specific product or technique
Patent investigation in specific product or techniquePatent investigation in specific product or technique
Business scene

Patent investigation in specific product or technique generally comprise three dimensions analysis, first, statistics on the number, time, nation, etc., which help to understand the patent distribution of competitors and the industry; second, technological trend analysis or patent portfolio analysis of technique, which help to reveal technological evolution and spread situation, and provide R & D strategy reference, etc.; third, analysis legal risk of the patents helps to determine patent infringement risk and providing possible coping strategies.

Working procedure

Patent investigations based on business scene (patent analytic purposes) differ slightly in work focus, generally including the following steps:


  • 1

    To conduct technical system decomposition and patent search, understand the technical information in key technical fields, communicate with technical personnel, establish technical system, analyze the specific technical points in the technical system, identify important technical points, formulate search strategies for such important technical points, use professional search tools for comprehensive patent search, and conduct initial screening of relevant patents;
  • 2

    To conduct patent analysis, determine analysis dimensions and conduct analysis respectively, produce charts and patent map, and give statistical analysis conclusion;
  • 3

    To conduct patent classification analysis, classify the patent according to technical system, and conduct in-depth analysis of important technical point, key applicant, risk patent [A1] and other perspectives based on investigation purpose to determine the impact on the industry and client;   
  • 4

    To form analysis report, combine analysis results and client’s patent situation, and give targeted and operable patent portfolio, risk response and other suggestions.
Service achievements

IPFuTure finished more than 10 in-depth patent investigation and analysis projects every year in its fields of focus, keeps tracking the status quo of patent in the industry together with clients, and provides clients with effective strategies and suggestions in patent portfolio and risk patent response based on patent investigation results.