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About IPFuTure
Typical ClientsTypical customers

    We adhere to the development way of “providing long-term services for clients and developing with them”. In consulting projects, we work closely with our clients, and design solutions and organize implementation jointly to achieve a virtuous circle of close coupling, in-depth services, and sustainable development with clients.

    In terms of client types, our clients mainly include industry leaders, potential stars, investment funds, universities & institutes, and government agencies.

For industry leaders

    We establish special business division to conduct long-term follow-up of the development in the enterprises and the industry, research on international peer experience and industry trends, and provide state-owned key enterprises and industry leaders with long-term services including patent management system optimization, cultivation of standard potential essential patents, international patent portfolio strategy analysis, patent portfolio of key projects, patent quality improvement, patent value assessment, and patent operation strategy design, etc.

For potential stars

    We explore potential enterprises of long-term growth and provide personalized solutions according to the enterprises’ development stage based on in-depth communication with the management. For small and medium-sized enterprises with strong technical strength, we carry out patent portfolio, risk prevention and control, and team training in advance; meanwhile, we plan the overall IP work according to the requirements of future financing or IPO.

For investment funds

    We assist investors to conduct patent strength investigation and assessment the projects to be invested or invested, analyze the patent infringement risk of the product sales, and conduct IP due diligence of the M & A targets, etc.

For universities & institutes

    Based on its advantages, we provide universities & institutes with IP services related to industrialization of research results, including patent portfolio and mining, patent value assessment, standard-patent correspondence evaluation, technology transfer framework design, and negotiation support, etc.

For government agencies

    As a first-class IP consulting service provider in China, we are entrusted by SIPO and other government agencies to conduct research on IP policies, especially policies related to enterprise IP management, and propose recommendations accordingly.