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Business Overview
Business OverviewBusiness Overview

    IPFuTure believes that the ultimate goal of IP consulting services is to help clients to exploit the value of IP; therefore, when providing services to clients, IPFuTure not only considers the demand scenes that clients directly propose but also guides clients to discuss the goals and approaches of realizing back-end IP values so as to put the influencing factors of IP value realization to front-end business as early as possible such as strategic planning, management system building, patent portfolio and mining, and patent quality improvement, etc. so that enterprises can have “adequate assets and clear path” when needing IP value exploitation. The overall idea is shown in the figure below.


    IPFuTure’s business is divided into to main parts - high-value patent cultivation and commercialization.

    High-value patent cultivation comprise two levels: management and practice. Management provides clients with work strategy and working mechanism in strategic planning and organization control, functioning as the management foundation of high-value patent cultivation; practice, as the practical connection of management, provides clients with project patent portfolio and mining, patent proposal evaluation, application document examination and other services in specific innovation, industrialization projects and casework to assist enterprises to cultivate and reserve high-value patent portfolio, functioning as the direct source of high-value patent.


Core businesses of high-value patent cultivation section comprise:
Core businesses of high-value patent cultivation section comprise
Core businesses of high-value patent cultivation section comprise


    High-value patent commercialization differs according to different clients represented. When representing the patent owner, it uses patent license, patent accessing to standard patent pool, patent trading brokerage and other services to exploit  the value of IP; when representing respondent, it helps clients to handle patent risks and reduce handling costs as much as possible.

Core businesses of high-value patent commercialization comprise:
Core businesses of high-value patent commercialization comprise
Core businesses of high-value patent commercialization comprise

Core businesses of high-value patent commercialization comprise

Service processService process

    IPFuTure’s service procedure is mainly divided into 4 steps including commission acceptance, plan making, project implementation, and acceptance check with details shown in the following:




    The purpose of providing IPR consulting services is not delivering consulting reports, but to solve practical problems for clients and provide solutions that can be implemented smoothly.

    Whether the project plan can be implemented depends on multiple factors such as the accuracy of understanding customer demand, inherent resistance to the implementation of reform measures, and the allocation of resources required, etc. Take allocation of resources as an example, since IPR is generally still in a disadvantaged position in Chinese enterprises, many enterprises have very limited investment in IPR, and idealized IPR management solutions are often unable to be implemented because of limited resources invested.

    Therefore, when providing consulting services, IPFuTure not only takes value realization-orientation as the basic principle of plan design but also treats clients’ expected resource investments in IPR like IPR team member quantity and professional competence, IPR budget as important aspects for consideration, helping the enterprises’ IPR work with management achievement gradually within the available resource allocation.